Western Shipbuilding Association Elects Officers

The annual membership meeting of Western Shipbuilding Association (WSA) was held recently in San Francisco, Calif.

Rear Adm. James K. Nunneley, USN, Deputy Commander for Industrial and Facility Management, Naval Sea S y s t e m s Command, Washington, D.C., was the guest speaker.

Admiral Nunneley heads the expansive program of repair, alteration and overhaul of all U.S.

Navy combatant and auxiliary vessels. He discussed relations between the Navy and private shipyards, the prospects for Navy ship repair and maintenance work in West Coast shipyards during the early 1980s, and some of the problems encountered in overhauling today's sophisticated ships. Prior to the membership meeting, the WSA board of directors, representing s h i p y a r d management and labor, held its annual meeting to elect officers and formulate association policies and programs for 1980. The following officers were elected to serve during 1980: Chairman of the board, A.J.

Maloney, Bethlehem Steel Corp., Terminal Island, Calif.; president, Walter A. Larsen, Willamette Iron & Steel Co., Portland, Ore.; assistant to the p r e s i d e n t , E.J. Glenn, Willamette Iron & Steel Co., Portland; 1st vice president and director emeritus, Arthur E. Farr, Pacific Coast Shipbuilders Assn., Portland; and executive secretary-treasurer, B.W. Evans, Barney Evans Public Relations, San Francisco, Calif.

Area vice presidents: Seattle-Puget Sound Area— James H. Francis, Lake Union Drydock Co.; John T. Gilbride Jr., Todd Pacific Shipyards Corp., Seattle Division; M.L. Ingwersen, Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Co.; Frank B. Lynott, Tacoma Boatbuilding Co.; Carl R. Meurk, Todd Pacific Shipyards Corp., Seattle Division, and John P. Swanson, Boilermakers International, AFL-CIO.

Portland-Columbia River Area — Clair C. Anderson, Portland Metal Trades Council, AFL-CIO; W.J. Butler, Northwest Marine Iron Works; Bruce D. Hobbs, Dillingham Marine & Manufacturing Co., and Larry Rafferty, Boilermakers, Mount Hood Lodge No.

72, AFL-CIO.

San Francisco Bay Area—Robert K. Boyd, Guy F. Atkinson Co.; Clarence E. Briggs, Pacific Coast Metal Trades District Council, AFL-CIO; Thomas B. Crowley, Crowley M a r i t i m e Corporation; John M. Lappin, IBEW, Ninth District, AFL-CIO; Clifford P. LeGette, Triple "A" Shipyard, Hunters Point; Gayne Y. Marriner, Bethlehem Steel Corp., San Francisco Shipyard; H.G. Rowe, Todd Pacific Shipyards Corp., San Francisco Division, and Walter E. Willard, Willard Marine Decking, Inc.

Los Angeles-Long Beach Area — James E. Daniels, IUMSWA, AFL-CIO; C.E. Frost, Harbor Sandblasting Co.; Stuart C. Jones, Todd Pacific Shipyards Corp., Los Angeles Division; John E. Marriner, John E. Marriner & Associates; Steve M. Roberts, IUMSWA, Local No. 9, AFL-CIO, and Hans Schaefer, Todd Pacific Shipyards Corp., Los Angeles Division. San Diego Area—P.W. Pepper, Pepper Industries, Inc.; Paul I. Stevens, C a m p b e l l I n d u s t r i e s; Gary Weisfeld, Triple " A " South, and W.F. Wild, Atkinson Marine. Western Pacific Area—Richard Kuwada, Pacific Container Service, Inc.; Steven Loui, Pacific Marine & Supply Co., Inc., and J.V. Sterling Jr., D i l l i n g h am Shipyard. Western Shipbuilding Association has served as spokesman for West Coast shipbuilding, ship repair and allied industries since its founding in 1959. The Association numbers over 175 member firms on the Pacific Coast, including Hawaii.

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