Vincent Fiorenza Gets Added Duties At Moore McCormack

Robert E. O'Brien, president and chief executive o f f i c e r of Moore McCormack Lines, Incorporated, has announced that Vincent Fiorenza, assistant vice president- cost and subsidy, will be assuming additional responsibilities for directing the purchasing and inventory departments.

Mr. Fiorenza's new title will be assistant vice president-purchasing and cost control. He will oversee all purchasing and inventory activities related to materials and supplies within Moore McCormack Lines operations ashore and afloat. Since joining Moore McCormack in 1945, Mr. Fiorenza has served in various financial and operating posts within the company, including the position of director of management information and statistics. He c u r r e n t l y exercises control over subsidy research and planning, maintaining liaison with Maritime Administration officials in Washington and in MarAd regional finance offices.

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