Sperry Awards Sanders $10-Million Contract

Sanders Associates, Inc., has been awarded a $10-million subcontract by Sperry Systems Management, Great Neck, N.Y., to provide Auxiliary Display Terminal (ADT) equipment for the U.S. Navy's Trident II navigation subsystem development program.

' The ADT's will provide the keyboard entry and display capability for monitoring the Trident II's navigation subsystem performance and will also be used during maintenance and training operations. The award involves development of Trident-unique hardware and software interfaces, qualification testing, delivery and field and factory support through 1988.

The ADT is an adaption of Sanders recently developed MILIGRAPHIC Display System, a militarized intelligent raster graphic display terminal with dual microprocessors, derived from Sanders/ CalComp VISTAGRAPHIC displays. Sperry has also ordered VISTAGRAPHIC"' units for software development at Sperry and other navigation subsystem subcontractors in preparation for receipt of the Auxiliary Display Terminals. Sanders Associates, Inc. is engaged in the design, development and manufacture of advanced systems and components for the defense electronics and computer graphic markets.

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