Owen And Richards Named Managers At Honeywell's Marine Systems Division

As part of an ongoing effort to strengthen its responsiveness to the offshore industry, Honeywell's Marine Systems Division has announced two new appointments.

John D. Owen has been named systems business manager. He joined the offshore industry in 1970 and has held a variety of program management and engineering positions. The systems business area includes engineering services and offshore control and monitoring systems. This area has supported such innovative offshore programs as Exxon's Lena guyed tower installation. Caroline Z. Richards has been appointed acoustics business manager. She has been involved with acoustic product marketing at Honeywell since 1975. Products in the acoustics business area include the HydroStar' subsea tracking and relocation system, the new RigStar rig positioning and riser angle monitoring system, and a new line of acoustic beacons.

The two new managers will share the marketing responsibilities previously handled by L. Charles Meeks.

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