Literature Available On Pourable Resin Chocking For Stern Tube Assembly

In conjunction with Philadelphia Resins Corporation, Waukesha Bearings Corporation has developed a unique method of installing stern tube assemblies and bearings.

Waukesha supplies to the yard a stern tube with bearings already installed. The yard merely optically aligns the entire assembly, and chocks it into place with a pourable, permanent resin. Drilling and tapping for seals is already done, so numerous steps in installation can be eliminated. The resulting cost savings are said to be appreciable. Simplicity and elimination of numerous installation and machining procedures are cited as the prime advantages of the system. Installation of a conventional stern tube can easily take two weeks of manhours. Using the chocking method, an experienced crew can complete the operation in two days, with another 24 hours for the resin to cure. Machining operations at the yard are eliminated, as the stern tube comes with bearings installed and the outer diameter of the tube needs no machining. The chocking resin fills the 11-inch gap that remains. Installation accuracy is claimed as another significant advantage. The entire assembly can be optically aligned and adjusted with preset jack bolts. A single optical alignment is all that is required prior to chocking. As the seal holes are drilled and tapped at the factory, that margin of error is also eliminated.

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