Joe Pertofsky Heads New Henschel/Nelson Div.

Henschel Corporation, a unit of General Signal, has announced the formation of a new d i v i s i o n, Henschel/Nelson, located in Tulsa, Okla. Henschel/Nelson was f o r m e r l y the Marine Products Group of Nelson Electric, another unit of General Signal.

The new Henschel/Nelson Division is under the direction of Joe Pertofsky, vice president and general manager. This organization will continue to supply shipboard electrical distribution and control equipment, including power and signal switchboards, as well as marine electrical hardware. The executive offices of Henschel Corporation remain in Amesbury, Mass. As in the past, the Henschel staff and facilities in Amesbury will continue the design, development and production of ship control and interior communication equipment and systems for Naval and commercial ships.

All personnel formerly in Nelson Electric's Marine Products Group have transferred to Henschel/ Nelson. The office and main plant of H e n s c h e l / N e l s o n will soon move to facilities now under construction in Tulsa. Marine hardware equipment will continue to be produced at a facility in Homer, La.

The increased capability resulting from the formation of the Henschel/Nelson D i v i s i o n will permit Henschel Corporation to better serve the needs of the Navy and marine industry.

For further information, write John Landers, Henschel Corporation, 14 Cedar Street, Amesbury, Mass. 01913.

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