Comsat Introduces New SeaMail® Electronic Service

Comsat Maritime Services recently introduced its new SeaMail® service, a satellite-based electronic mail service for mariners.

According to John R. O'Brien Jr., Comsat's vice president of marketing and program management, "The new SeaMail electronic mail service lets mariners send and receive messages to and from locations around the world, 24 hours a day, and also lets them access a variety of marine-oriented information services such as news, ocean and weather maps, and navigation advisories. "SeaMail provides user-friendly, cost-effective messaging from personal computers (PCs) aboard ship," Mr. O'Brien said. "Subscribers can create and edit messages, send telex, Group III facsimile, spreadsheets, computer-generated data files, customized forms and reports on ship operations. Comsat SeaMail also offers interconnection with other electronic mail systems," he said.

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