SKF Introduces Keyless Bushing; Will Market Nilos Rings In U.S.

—Literature Available SKF Component Systems has announced the availability of a new mechanical friction joint, the SKF SH-Bushing. Also announced by the company was the organization of a new unit to market the Nilos Ring, a metallic seal for bearings.

The SH-Bushing makes it easier to join any hub to a shaft quicker and with less chance of failure than with conventional key joints. The bushing/hub remains infinitely adjustable radially and axially on the shaft.

The SH-Bushing will not create stress in the shaft, and in some applications, the shaft diameter may therefore be reduced. There is no need to machine keyways and axially secure the joint. Retrofit is another advantage, the quickest method of repairing a key joint is to simply install an SH-Bushing over the old keyway.

SH-Bushings may be used in extreme hot or cold environments and are designed to accommodate the tolerances of cold-rolled, commercial grade, unground shafting. They are available from SKF and its distributors in over 70 standard metric and inch sizes.

The Nilos Ring, manufactured by Ziller & Co., West Germany, forms a direct contact sealing lip with either the inner or outer bearing ring so precisely that performance is never affected. After a short break-in period, a groove is formed in the bearing ring surface that effectively becomes a miniature labyrinth seal.

Nilos Rings are available from SKF for virtually any bearing size, type or application. Even sealed bearings are further protected by utilizing the Nilos Rings. All-metal Nilos rings are also available in stainless steel or brass.

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