Free Actuator/Ball Valve Reference Book Offered By Pittsburgh Brass

Designed to facilitate the optimum mating of actuators and ball valves to meet specific requirements, PBM has announced the publication of its unique Reference Book, Section VII, describing "Performance Packages," the company's power-driven actuators coupled to their Adjust-O-Seal Ball Valves. By means of a novel split-page format, systems engineers and others specifying automated valves will be able to quickly and accurately mate valves and actuators in desired sizes. These include: Two-Way (standard and full port), Flush Tank, Diverting Port, and Multi- Port Valves to Pneumatic Piston, Pneumatic Spring, Pneumatic Vane and Electric Reversible Actuators. When mated, the drawings make possible extremely close estimates of combined dimensions. Also included is a wealth of sizing charts, sizing torques, optional accessories, how-to-order information and more.

For a free copy of this new Reference Book,

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