Empire Abrasive Describes Improved Blasting Nozzle

Philadelphia-based Empire Abrasive Equipment Corporation is manufacturing its new Di- CarbĀ® Blasting Nozzles encased in a shock absorbing epoxy resin. The resin eliminates damage to the nozzle liner caused from accidental dropping or impact against surfaces being cleaned. Empire's Di-Carb nozzle features long life, a metal clad jacket, light weight, and a variety of sizes interchangeable with most other nozzles. The nozzle types available include 3 or 6-inch-long straight nozzles with orifices of 1/8 inch to 5/8 inch, and a Venturi Di-Carb Nozzle available in orifices ranging from 3/16 inch to 1/2 inch. The special Venturi Nozzle produces a better pattern than standard nozzles by dispensing abrasive particles evenly over a larger surface area, increasing production while decreasing abrasive material and air requirements. All Di-Carb Nozzles are guaranteed, unconditionally, for a minimum of 600 blasting hours using sand and a proper nozzle washer.

For free literature, write to C.D. Whinney, Empire Abrasive Equipment Corporation, 9990-90 Gantry Road, Philadelphia, Pa. 19115.

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