Shelley To Succeed Holmes As President Of Raytheon

Raytheon Company of Lexington, Mass., has announced that D.

Brainerd Holmes, president, will retire from the company effective May 31, 1986. On May 24 he will be 65, the traditional retirement age for senior executives of this diversified electronics company.

Thomas L. Phillips, chairman and chief executive officer, announced that the Raytheon board of directors has selected R. Gene Shelley, to succeed Mr. Holmes as president, effective June 1, 1986. A senior vice president, Mr. Shelley is both a group executive and the general manager of the Equipment Division headquartered in Wayland, Mass.

As group executive, he is also responsible for the Electromagnetic Systems Division in Goleta, Calif.; the Submarine Signal Division in Portsmouth, R.I.; Raytheon Service Company headquartered in Bur- lington, Mass.; and Sedco Systems, Inc. of Melville, N.Y.

Mr. Shelley joined Raytheon in 1964 as manager of the Goleta operation, and became general manager when the operation became the Electromagnetic Systems Division in 1969. He was named a vice president in 1973, group executive in 1978, and senior vice president in 1979.

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