Hugh Morgan Elected Vice Chairman And A Director Of Sonat Inc.

Ronald L. Kuehn Jr., president and chief executive officer of Sonat Inc., announced that Hugh J.

Morgan Jr. has been elected chairman and a director of Sonat Inc., and chairman of Southern Natural Gas Company, a Sonat subsidiary. Mr. Morgan is currently executive vice president of Sonat, chairman of Sonat Marine, also a Sonat subsidiary, and president of Southern Natural Gas. In his new position, he will remain as chairman of Sonat Marine and will continue to have operating responsibility at the Sonat Inc. level for Southern Natural Gas and Sonat Marine.

He joined the legal staff of Southern Natural Gas in 1960. He progressed through various positions in the company and was elected vice president-pipeline affairs, and later to the additional position as senior vice president of Sonat. In 1981, he was named president of Southern Natural Gas and continued as senior vice president of Sonat. This past June he was named executive vice president of Sonat and chairman of Sonat Marine, while maintaining his position as president of Southern Natural Gas.

Mr. Morgan earned his BA degree from Princeton University and is a graduate of Vanderbilt Law School. He completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.

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