J. Ray McDermott & Co. Elects Eight Officers

C.L. Graves, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of J. Ray McDermott & Co., Inc., has announced the election of eight officers of the company to positions which reflect their primary functions, and recognize the realignment of duties resulting from the combining of the Mc- Dermott corporate staff with that of The Babcock & Wilcox Company, a wholly owned subsidiary.

Robert C. Bassett has been elected vice president, Materials & Transportation; Edwin J. Dressel has been elected senior vice president, Equipment & Materials Group, McDermott Operating Unit; John A. Dupy has been elected vice president, Public Affairs; John A. Lynott has been elected vice president, Finance; Richard E. Woolbert has been elected vice president, Employee Relations; Charles F. Kraus has been elected controller, Tax Administration; Edmund A. Robidoux has been elected controller, and Robert A. Jolliff has been elected treasurer.

Messrs. Bassett, Dupy, Lynott, and Woolbert will report to James E. Cunningham, vice chairman of the board. Mr. Dressel will report to Robert K. Richie, president, McDermott Operating Unit.

Messrs. Kraus, Robidoux and Jolliff will report to Mr. Lynott.

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