CDI Marine Announces Management Reorganization

CDI Marine Company, the Jacksonville, Fla.-based supplier of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Design to private and naval shipyards has announced changes in its executive management structure. The regional management concept under which the company operated has been phased out and replaced with four top level management positions, created in order to provide strong leadership in areas of planning, operations, contracts and administration and finance. These newly established positions are responsible to Donald W. Jett, executive vice president.

James C. Gibson, formerly vice president Southern region, assumes the position of vice president- advance planning.

Jimmy R. Phillips, formerly vice president, Northern region, will assume the position of vice president-operations.

James C. Dickey, manager, contracts and administration, has been promoted to vice president. Donald O. Reeves, manager of CDI Marine Company's financial division, has been promoted to vice president-finance.

CDI Marine Company, supplies marine engineering and naval architecture from its network of nine offices located in cities close to major fleet centers.

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