James H. Cottrell Joins Ogden Corporation As Vice President

james h cottrell joins
ogden corporation
as vice president

James H. Cottrell has been named vice president of Ogden Corporation, it was announced by Ralph E. Ablon, chairman and chief executive officer. Mr. Cottrell joins Ogden from the Lummus Company.

He will direct Ogden's expansion into equipment for process and energy-related plants. Emphasis will be placed upon utilization and expansion of fabrication capabilities at Avondale Shipyards and Yuba Heat Transfer. State-of-the-art techniques will be offered for fabrication of engineered process equipment, pipe spools, and plant modules. In addition, Mr. Cottrell will coordinate Ogden's activities in coal transportation, where the skillls of several divisions are available for the manufacture of specialized railroad cars for coal transportation, handling of coal at ocean ports, and construction and operations of ships for coal movement.

Mr. Cottrell's industrial career commenced with Cities Service in 1958 on work associated with the Athabasca Tar Sands of Northern Alberta, Canada, and it includes over 15 years with C.F.

Braun & Co. in various capacities to vice president, and Science Management Corporation as executive vice president.

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