C.G. Caras Rejoins Ogden Corporation As Vice President

cg caras rejoins
ogden corporation
as vice president

Constantine G. Caras has been named vice president of Ogden Corporation, it was announced by Ralph E. Ablon, chairman and chief executive officer. Mr. Caras joins Ogden from LTV Corporation where he was vice president, group counsel, of an LTV subsidiary. He will be responsible for m a i n t a i n i n g Ogden's relationships in Washington, D.C., working with various governmental and non-governmental bodies and associations.

P r i o r to j o i n i n g LTV, Mr. Caras served in a number of key positions with the U.S. Maritime Administration, most recently as general counsel and a member of the Maritime Subsidy Board. Before he went to LTV, he had been with Ogden as senior associate counsel from 1973 to 1978.

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