Avondale Boat Division Licensed To Construct High-Speed Hovercraft

Avondale Industries, Inc. recently announced that its Boat Division has been appointed the U.S. licensee for the API-88 amphibious hovercraft. The API-88 is a high-speed passenger hovercraft and freightcarrying air-cushioned vehicle designed by the British Hovercraft Corporation. The vessel has previously performed effectively in regular passenger service and operation in the U.K., Canada, Scandinavia and Australia. Variants are also in service for the U.S. Navy and the Canadian Coast Guard.

The craft is designed for high reliability, with a rugged welded hull structure, a simple transmission and air-cooled diesel engines.

Albert L. Bossier Jr., chairman and chief executive officer of Avondale, said, "The signing of this agreement is in line with our strategy to expand our resources and expertise in marine fabrication into additional commercial applications." British Hovercraft Corporation Limited is a Westland Aerospace Company and a member of Westland Group Pic Avondale Industries, Inc., headquartered in metro New Orleans, is one of the nation's leading marine fabricators.

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