Moody-Tottrup Brochure Available On Offshore And Marine Industry Services

Moody-Tottrup International, a Reliance Consulting Group Company, has available a new six-page brochure on services it offers to the offshore and marine industry.

The publication features a large three-page "marine activity" color photograph over which boxes are laid out somewhat in genealogical chart style, showing at a glance what services are offered to the offshore and marine industry by Moody-Tottrup International, and where they fall in the overall design of executing an entire project. Heading the whole scheme is the project director, followed by the design project manager, construction project manager, and commissioning project manager. Listed in the appropriate place under these are such services as planning, scheduling, cost control, change orders and claims, contract administration, purchasing, expediting, shipping, design review, vendor evaluation, vendor inspection, welding, anti-corrosion, etc.

There is also a list of major clients, printed over an outline map of the world in keeping with their international character, and on the back of the brochure is a list of worldwide locations of Moody- Tottrup International's offices, and the addresses of the Eastern and Western Hemisphere offshore and marine divisional headquarters. For a free copy of the brochure and further information on the offshore and marine industry services offered by Moody-Tottrup International,

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