Lightweight Lifting Slings From Slingmax Rigging Products Used In Navy Ship Launching

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—Free Literature Offered— Three lightweight Twin-Path® Extra lifting slings, weighing only 250 pounds each, were used in a recent launching of a 419-ton Navy vessel.

Southern Industrial Corporation was contracted by the U.S. Navy to launch a 150-foot long, 419-ton Navy ship built by Lantana Boatyard of Lantana, Fla. Southern Industrial purchased three Twin-Path Extra lifting slings from Slingmax Rigging Products to successfully rig and launch the ship two days ahead of schedule, with a savings of 500- plus man-hours.

Twin-Path Extra lifting slings are made of Dupont Kevlar, an uncom- monly strong, lightweight material that is both flame and chemical resistant. Kevlar is what allows Twin-Path Extra lifting slings longterm wear performance, as well as the reason the units are both flexible enough to store and light enough for one person to carry. Slingmax Rigging Products claims that an equal wire rope sling would weigh as much as 1,400 pounds.

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