Hitachi Completes Crude/Products Carrier For Arapaho Shipping

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The 63,953-dwt crude/products carrier Andromeda (shown below) was delivered recently by Hitachi Zosen's Ariake Works to the owner, Arapaho Shipping Corporation (Liberia). A Panamax type developed by Hitachi, the tanker is designed to carry crude oil and refined petroleum products.

The vessel has an overall length of 718.5 feet, beam of 105.6 feet, depth of 62.3 feet, and full-load draft of 42 feet. She is powered by a low-speed Hitachi/B&W 7L60MC diesel engine having a maximum continuous output of 12,800 bhp at 99 rpm. A large-diameter propeller along with the Hitachi-developed stern bulb improves propulsion efficiency while reducing noise and vibration. In addition, self-polishing anti-fouling paint on the underwater hull has been applied to further improve propulsion efficiency and thus save fuel costs.

The Andromeda has been constructed in conformity with the rules and regulations set by the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL). Moreover, double hull construction has been adopted that uses wing tanks for ballast only and the center tanks for cargo oil, thereby minimizing oil spills from the cargo tanks in the event of collision or grounding. Cargo tanks designed to carry refined petroleum products are coated with pure epoxy paint over the entire interior bulkhead surface to insure the quality of the cargo oil. Four cargo oil pumps are installed so that different types of products can be efficiently carried simultaneously.

The vessel has been built to Lloyd's Register of Shipping classification, and will be operated with a complement of 32.

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