Admiralty Law

Nickum & Spaulding Announces New Executive Appointments — Philip Spaulding Named Chairman

Nickum & Spaulding Associates, Inc., a prominent Pacific Northwest naval architect and marine engineering firm with offices in Seattle and Portland, has voted new appointments in its corporate management structure. Philip F. Spaulding, past president,


Russians Buy Oil Barriers From U.S.

Eleanor Chance Swett, president of Offshore Devices, Inc., 91 Dale Street, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 02167, announces a $700,000 contract with SUDOIMPORT, the USSR marine trade organization, for six High Seas Oil Pollution Control Barriers. The barriers will be used on the Black Sea,

Cameron Refits Drill Rig 'Western Pacesetter II' In Record-Breaking Five Days

Downtime was cut by approximately twothirds when the Western Pacesetter II, a semisubmersible drilling rig, was refitted at Cameron Offshore Service Inc.'s Industrial Marine Division in Cameron, La., for work in the North Sea. With the cost of rig tow time,

SEA RIDER Infiltrates Small Craft Propulsion Market

The Ferry Transport Company Gestione Governativa Navigazione Laghi, owned by Italian Government, and the Taiwan Coast Guard have ordered Sea Rider propulsion. Gestione Governativa Navigazione Laghi is responsible for ferry transportation on northern Italian lakes Garda, Maggiore and Como.

$4.5-Million Navy Contract Awarded To Sanders For Direction Finding Systems

Sanders Associates, Inc. of Nashua, N.H. has received an additional $4.5-million contract from the U.S. Navy for continued production of AN/BRD-7 shipboard direction finding systems. The award, from the U.S. Navy's Electronic Systems Command, brings

Contract With $25-Million Potential Awarded Rockwell

—Brochure Available A production contract with options for four years to produce fixed-station radio transmitters for the U.S. Navy has been awarded to Rockwell International Corporation's Collins Defense Communications, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The contract, issued by the U.

Africa Ocean Lines Getting First N e w Containerships From East German Shipyard

Africa Ocean Lines (AOL), the fast-growing, non-conference liner company, marked its first anniversary recently by revealing that it is soon to become a shipowner in its own right. The company has signed a contract worth approximately $20 million for the delivery of two 17,

Chevron U.S.A. To Start Drilling Test Well Offshore California

Chevron U.S.A., 555 Market Street, San F r a n c i s c o , Calif. 94105, has announced that a newly completed drilling ship, the Glomar Atlantic, soon will begin drilling an i n d u s t r y - s p o n s o r e d stratigraphic test well f o r geological information

Solar To Design Advanced Cruise Propulsion System For U.S. Navy

Solar T u r b i n e s International has begun work on a fuel-saving cruise propulsion system for U.S. Navy ships. E n t i t l e d RACER (Rankine-Cycle E n e r g y Recovery), the program calls for Solar to design a system that will capture heat energy from a ship's main gas turbine engines.

DoD Implements Initiative For Cost Effectiveness Of Contract Requirements

The Department of Defense (DoD) is implementing a new initiative aimed at developing more cost-effective contract requirements for major system acquisitions. This initiative will address a number of problems inherent in present practices that

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