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I talk a lot about Mercury’s mission; why we exist. The year 1939 was the founding of the company and 6,200 people work at Mercury

Marine globally today. Our purpose is pretty simple: we are there to provide extremely reliable, and incredibly intuitive propulsion sys- tems. Intuitive design is part of our DNA.

arreling down the Hudson one button activating its Skyhook virtual From its global headquarters in Fond growing with share gains, particularly in

River at nearly 80 mph anchor you are anchored in place despite du Lac, Wisconsin, Mercury Marine is the outboard segment.” in a 39-ft. Cigarette boat the swirl of forces around the boat. a pure maritime power and supply play, The outboard segment is particularly powered by four 350-hp “Our intent is that you don’t have to a company that is embarked on a steady interesting in both consumer and com-

BMercury Marine Verado use an owner’s manual to use our prod- growth clip of about 6% each year, a mercial markets, as a dramatic increase outboard engines tends to leave an im- uct” said Pfeifer, noting that in his nearly company that sees its products and sys- in horsepower per unit is driving new pression. More impressive? Operating 12 years at Mercury Marine the one of tems increasingly integrated into com- applications for outboard engines, effec- that same boat in tight quarters – amidst the biggest differences between the com- mercial maritime applications. tively taking share from traditional stern the waves and chop from a endless array pany he joined in 2006 and the company “We are happy with that growth rate,” drive applications.

of river traf? c, being pulled one way by he has led since 2014 is the re? nement said Pfeifer, “and the growth is coming In the outboard engine sector P? efer the current and pushed another by 20+ of the entire product line, including the from a variety of areas: marine propul- said, (bearing in mind Mercury Marine’s mph winds – with ease and certainty intuitive nature of the integrated control sion – powered by the broadest offering 50-ft. vessel length and under market), courtesy of Mercury’s intuitive joystick systems and the lack of noise coming in marine propulsion; as well as our parts that 25% of the world’s applications for piloting system, which with the push of from the engines. and accessories business, too. We are new propulsion systems are commercial,

C9.3 C7.1


THROUGH rpmbhpbkWRating

B Rating – EM0780 C Rating – EM0779 2700425317D 2600400298D rpmbhpg/hrbkWg/bkW-hr rpmbhpg/hrbkWg/bkW-hr 2500350261C 180037519.3280219.1 210041621.5310220.4 2300280208B

Delivering Uptime and 160037118.3277209.4 180041020.2306210.0 140031915.7238209.2 150036617.2273200.3 120022511.3168213.3 120023311.6174211.8

Superior response time and Gear driven jacket water pump

Optimizing Customer Value » » 900945.170230.3 9001156.285230.3 acceleration and sea water pump for superior 700542.940230.7 700754.256239.5 reliability ®

Cat Marine engines sold and serviced by

Common rail fuel system enables » ®

Compatible with Cat displays Electronic control system optimum combustion and low Maintenance free valve train » » »

Louisiana Cat, a leading worldwide Caterpillar provides industry-leading torque emissions with hydraulic valve lash

Available remote-mounted and throttle response at low adjusters » marine dealer, are delivered with a display panel with start, stop, speeds, while maintaining fuel Reduced combustion noise » and engine diagnostics ef? ciency at high speeds through advanced electronic Self priming fuel system ensures » comprehensive warranty package and control a smooth start every time

Common rail fuel system enables 12V or 24V electrical system » » offered with extended service plans. optimum combustion and low Closed crankcase ventilation »

Marine classi?cation society emissions system improves engine room » certi?cates: ABS, BV, CCS, CRS, cleanliness

The C9.3 ACERT and C7.1 Commercial EPA Tier

RH and LH locations for fuel and DNV, GL, IRS, KR, LR, NK, PRS, » oil ? lters and dipstick improves RINA, RS 3 Propulsion engines continue the legacy of serviceability durability, reliability, maximum fuel effciency, low cost of ownership and 24/7 support. See

C9.3 and C7.1 engine details below or contact 866-843-7440 us to speak with our knowledgeable staff! © 2017 Caterpillar. All Rights Reserved. CAT, CATERPILLAR, BUILT FOR IT, their respective logos, “Caterpillar Yellow,” the “Power Edge” trade dress, as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission. 9

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