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28 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News ? MAY 2013 suited for installation on the world?s largest ships. Compatibility with ex- plosion protection specifications also allows the Ecochlor system to be eas-ily installed on tankers. Prior to ABS PDA Approval, the Ecochlor BWTS received IMO G9 Fi-nal Approval in September 2010. The Ecochlor BWTS has IMO Type Ap- proval from Germany (BSH), as well as Type Approvals from the Liberian Administration. Ten consecutive test cycles on land and aboard ship over a two-year period resulted in no surviv-ing organisms after treatment. With testing results of all zeros, it proved that the system could meet or exceed proposed U.S. requirements of at least 10x IMO standards. This completed the international approvals of all of Ecochlor?s Systems and confirms that they fully comply with the 2004 IMO International Convention for the Con-trol and Management of Ship?s Bal- last Water and Sediments. Ecochlor holds a unique position in the shipping industry as using patent-ed chlorine dioxide (ClO2) treatment technology for ballast water. There is an exclusive distribution agreement with EKA Chemicals (part of the Akzo Nobel group of companies) for the EKA ClO2 generation technology for use in the marine and shipboard environment. Key system advantag-es are touted as small size, low power and low maintenance characteristics.Headway Technology Co., Ltd.: OceanGuard OceanGuard Ballast Water Manage- ment System (BWMS), developed and manufactured by Headway Tech- nology Co., Ltd., has proven its value with references aboard some of the largest, highest value and conspicu- ous ships on the world?s waterways: luxury cruise ship. OceanGuard was recently installed onboard Aida Stella, a Carnival cruise vessel. Aida Stella is the first order and application in Ger- many for Headway, and is the second luxury cruise vessel order from Carni-val Corporation, as Headway reached its first cooperation with Costa Cro-ciere S.p.A, Italy on July 26, 2011. After that, Headway signed agree-ments for the BWMS projects for oil tankers from Greece, Norwegian multi-purpose vessels and barges, as well as the Singapore offshore operat- ing company POET. On Aida Stella, installation and com- missioning of OceanGuard BWMS was finished in Papenburg, Germa- ny, and the ship was scheduled to be launched early March 2013. During the installation, representatives from Aida Stella/Carnival spoke highly of OceanGuard BWMS for its compact design and easy installation. Hyde MarineHyde produced its first system in 1999 and installed its first system on the M/S Coral Princess in 2003. The Hyde system was the first accepted into USCG STEP program in October of 2008. With more than 225 BWT systems already sold into the marine markets via about 180 ships, Hyde is well known in blue water shipping as a top tier provider of BWT solutions. But, Hyde has also sold as many as 75 systems to Offshore Supply Ves- sel (OSV) owners and also sells to a myriad of other smaller platform op-erators as well.Hyde?s Guardian features a two- stage process; stacked disk filtration to remove sediment and larger organ- isms, and a UV disinfection unit to kill or inactivate smaller plankton, bacteria and other pathogens. During ballasting, water is processed through both filter and UV stages. All captured solids and organisms are discharged during back flushing to the location they entered. During de-ballasting, the filter is bypassed and water flows only through the UV system before discharging overboard. Hyde Guard- ian system and ballast operation data are automatically logged.Hyde Guardian uses a high intensity ultraviolet (UV) treatment as a means of disinfection. The UV chamber is designed for minimum pressure drop, maximum retention time, and com-patibility with the marine operating environment. The medium pressure lamps produce a polychromatic out-TECHNICAL FEATURE BALLAST WATER MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Ecochlor BWTS Hyde MarineAlternate Management Systems for Ballast Water Treatment The ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) listed in the table below have been accepted for use in U.S. waters as Alternate Management Systems (AMS). Use of a BWTS as an AMS is subject to the general and specific conditions and requirements listed in the AMS acceptance letter issued to the system?s manufacturer. Manufacturer Model Name Model Number(s) Date Alfa Laval Tumba AB PureBallast Models 250 to 2500 15 April 2013 Alfa Laval Tumba AB PureBallast Models 2.0 and 2.0Ex 15 April 2013 Ecochlor Inc. Ecochlor Series 75, 100, 150, 200, 15 April 2013 250, and 300 Hyde Guardian HG-60, -100, -150, -200,-250, 15 April 2013 -300, -400, -450, -500, -600, -700, -800, -900, -1000, -1250, -1350,-1400, -1488, -1600, -2000, -2500, -2975, -4000, -5000, and -6000 NK Company, Ltd BlueBallast NK-O3-010, -015, -030, -040, 15 April 2013 -050, -075, -100, -150, -200, -250, -300, and -400 Qingdao Headway Technology Company OceanGuard OceanGuard 15 April 2013 RWO GmbH CleanBallast CleanBallast-150, -200,-250, -300, 15 April 2013 Veolia Water Solutions -350, -400, -450, -500, -500-1, -750, -1000, -1250, -1500, -1750, -2000, -2250, -2500, -2750, -3000, -3250, -3500, and -3750 Severn Trent De Nora, LLC BalPure -675, -1000, -2000, Models BP-500, -2650, -3000, -4000, and -5000 15 April 2013 SunRui BalClor BalClor BC-300 and BC-1000 15 April 2013 MR #5 (26-33).indd 28MR #5 (26-33).indd 285/2/2013 9:25:57 AM5/2/2013 9:25:57 AM

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