The Needs of Maritime Electronic Equipment

The rigorous standard of the International Electrotechnical Commision IEC60945 for the maritime market is mandatory for reliable and safe Electronic components. Following the CRT-tubes new technologies like LCD has emerged. In opposite to the analogue CRTs the LCD Screens are digitally driven and therefore this aspect must be considered. The link between Displays and Computers is more important and this combination must be understood and handled in a proper way. For example the calibration of ECDIS Displays requests deep know-how because Display and Computers graphic card both influences the result.

Beside the technological understanding it is self explanatory that such high sophisticated equipment cannot be compared with consumer products. Hence the availability, serviceability and form-fit-and-function must be secured through many years. The right choice of industrial key-components is essential.

Focused on the Martitime Market the Jakob Hatteland Display Group is dedicated to offer and fullfill these requirements.

Jakob Hatteland Display, Norway with its recent daughter company Jakob Hatteland Technology started in 1987 and has been involved in the maritime market since then. Today the Group develops and manufactures a complete range of high quality and type approved Displays, Panel-Computers, Stand-alone and Rack-Computers for maritime and industrial applications and was worldwide the first company to offer a fully approved 23" LCD Radar-Display, back in 2001.

The Products Based on high quality and state-of-the-art components with the highest specifications Hatteland's products meet the requirements for harsh applications.

Integration into systems are made easy due to standardized products and features. The Displays (MMD) and the Panel-Computers (MMC) are suitable for a variety of applications with manyfold available accessories, like remote control, brackets, touch screens, sunvisors, etc. ECDIS&ARPA compliant units and MIL tested units for Naval use are obtainable. All products are fully dimmable for night vision use.

The Computers (MSC) are powerful and compact and can be placed virtually everywhere. An ideal and robust unit for maritime environments, available either with AC- or DC-PSU and many more options.

The 19-in.-Rack computers are ideal for use in environments where performance is important, different versions in 2U and 4U heights are available. Equipped with Intel Pentium 4 Processors, respectively with (dual) Intel Xeon Processor these computers are the choice for demanding applications.

Opened in September 2003 with a notably opening ceremony with guests from worldwide, Hattelands plant #1 in Nedre Vats, Norway is equipped with modern installations with Heat-up chambers. 3 ECDIS calibration chambers and a closed dust-free zone for final assembly. A dedicated production area for Computers and for prototype production is running in the same building. The capacity here is more then 20.000 units per year and offers expansion possibilites for future needs.

Testing and Approvals The Standard IEC945 (EN60945) test is mandantory for all of the products. ECDIS products are approved by BSH in accordance to the IEC61174 standard. For MIL applications the MIL-STD 461D (1993), MILSTD 462D (1993) and extended environmental tests are done. All products are/will be approved by world's leading classification societies.

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