New Container Liner Bags Cut Liquid Carriage Costs

—Brochure Offered The Rukka 2-in-l Softank System has been developed jointly by Johnson Line AB, (Stockholm) and the Finnish manufacturer Rukka Oy. It is designed for transportation of a wide range of non-hazardous liquids, including juices and concentrates, wines and harmless chemicals, utilizing standard 20-foot containers.

The Softank System consists of a reuseable outer bag of durable PVCcoated fabric, fittings for inflation and filling, including a pressure relief valve, and a disposable, sterile inner liner. Both the outer bag and inner liner materials meet the requirements of the F.D.A. and the B.G.A. for the transport of food products. The Softank is available in either 12,000- or 16,000-liter capacities, and may also be used for products requiring refrigeration as well as for limited storage.

By eliminating many of the operations required when transporting in drums, tank trucks, tank vessels or tank containers, the Softank System reduces handling costs and minimizes contamination risks.

In use, the outer bag is unrolled on the floor of a 20-foot container at the supplier's facility, a new liner is inserted and the unit is inflated with air. If required, sterilized air or inert gas may be used. The product is then pumped into the unit, the valves are closed, the container doors sealed, and the unit is ready for shipment. It occupies about onehalf the height of the container, and due to its unique design requires no securing within the container.

At the final destination, air or inert gas is again introduced as the product is pumped out, so the unit will retain its shape. It may also be emptied by gravity. After discharging is completed, the inner liner is removed and discarded, and the fittings are cleaned. The outer bag is then folded together with the fittings into its flexible shipment container for return to the shipper, or to a different supplier for use with a different product. The empty Softank, with fittings, occupies only 8.5 cubic feet, and weighs less than 200 lbs. Because of its unique inner liner design, the unit does not require sophisticated cleaning procedures between uses. With careful handling, the outer bag should last 25 shipments.

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