FMC Offers Compact Turbine-Driven Centrifugal Boiler-Feed Pump

—Literature Available A compact, single-stage centrifugal boiler feed pump, with pump capacities to 400 gpm and total head to 406 psig, is now available from FMC Coffin® Turbo Pump Division, FMC Corporation. Overall dimensions, length-width-height, are just 32 inches by 23 inches by 32 inches.

Designed type "IND," this diffuser- type, turbine-driven pump is ideal for applications with low to medium water consumption.

The IND features a highly efficient, single-stage design. The impeller and turbine wheel are mounted on a common, alloy steel shaft to provide longer wear, less maintenance and a lower initial cost than multi-stage systems. Also fea- tured is an automatic recirculating system, which automatically pipes the natural leakage past the inboard wearing ring back to the suction source.

The pump is equipped with an automatic control valve and constant pressure regulator. Lined into the control system is a protective automatic excess back pressure trip that provides complete protection against any excessive rise in casing exhaust pressure. The turbine is provided with a steam strainer, turbine casing sentinel valve, overspeed governor, and a combined trip and throttle valve. Housing is rigid, one-piece cast steel.

Positive lubrication is assured by means of a self-contained oil system consisting of oil splash rings, a large oil sump and oil cooler assembly.

An exclusive oil dam feature is incorporated into the bearing retainers so that a small reservoir of oil is continually maintained in each main bearing retainer assembly.

This not only provides a reserve oil supply, but also allows for instant start-up.

Other specifications include: liquid temperatures to 300 F (149° C); maximum suction pressure, 75 psig; steam inlet pressure to 600 psig, with initial temperature to 650° F TT and exhaust pressure to 60 psig.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 19,  Feb 15, 1985

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