General Thermodynamics Offers Free Literature On 300-A BMEP Balancer

General Thermodynamics Corporation of Plymouth, Mass., has published free literature on the model 300-A BMEP Balancer that is used to equalize the cylinder load of any multicylinder internal combustion engine equipped with individual fuel adjustments.

The publication, which contains a photograph of the balancer, describes it as being designed to fit the standard indicator valve. It is quickly connected and sealed with slightly more than hand tight torque.

When the indicator valve is opened, the pressure gauge will come to a reading, gently. The pointer is steady and will stay fixed as long as the cylinder load isn't changed.

Keeping the engine load constant, readings are taken for each cylinder, then fuel adjustments are made either up or down until all cylinders yield the same pressure reading.

Each cylinder is then delivering equal power.

Along with the application, the operation and construction of the BMEP Balancer are also discussed, and some of its main characteristics are listed, such as: steady, accurate, repeatable, reliable, requires no maintenance, fits standard indicator valve, and easy to use.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 48,  Feb 15, 1985

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