Nelson Industries Introduces xBilge Boy' Oily Water Separator

—Literature Available Nelson Industries, Inc. of Stoughton, Wis., is offering free new literature on the Bilge Boy™, a 150-gph (568 liter) oily water separator that the company is introducing. The unit carries U.S.

Coast Guard approval and is IMO-approved as well.

The compact Bilge Boy measures 27 inches tall by 17.5 inches wide by 36 inches long, and weighs only 150 pounds (dry). Measurements include plumbing connections and mounting skid. Installation is very simple, requiring only three standard plumbing connections and one electrical. The unit is supplied complete with control panel and 50 C motors. A monitor is not supplied, but is compatible with all models now on the market. Electrical requirements are 120 volt AC, 8 amps maximum.

In USCG tests, the Bilge Boy proved extremely efficient in removing oil, having a maximum effluent of 1.5 ppm, which is well below the 15 ppm needed for approval. The design is twostage, using a unique gravity stage (patent pending), followed by a coalescent cartridge for the final stage.

When installed according to Nelson's instruction, the gravity stage removes 99.9 percent (1,000 ppm) of all oil from the bilge water. This gives extremely long element life as very little oil reaches the cartridge to foul the element.

This model also offers the most economical price on the market as a result of the efficiency of the gravity separation stage and suction side only application. The unit is now being sold with the promise that the operator does not pay for it until it works to his satisfaction.

The first test unit has been in service onboard the Alliance Prince since March of 1984 without problems.

The Bilge Boy is compatible with Ameroid OWS and Nalso 2865 cleaners. Based on lab tests similar to the USCG test, there is minimal loss of efficiency when using these cleaners.

This unit complements the previously approved 600-gph regenerative model. A higher capacity two-stage gravity and coalescent model will be available late in 1985. The entire product line will be marketed through Nelson Winslow Marine Distributors.

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