Imi-Tech Awarded $300,000 In Navy Research Contracts

The Department of the Navy has awarded Imi-Tech Corporation of Elk Grove, 111., two research and development contracts valued at more than $300,000. The first contract involves adapting the company's Solimide® foam, a flexible, fireresistant polyimide insulating material, for use in submarine hull construction.

The second involves modifying the basic Solimide polyimide technology to produce a high-temperature coating for use in naval aircraft.

Solimide foam was chosen by the Navy for its outstanding fire safety and lightness, in combination with its excellent insulating qualities and durability. Developed in part under a research grant from NASA, it is now in use in a wide variety of applications, including acoustical and thermal insulation, as fire barriers, vibration damping, and in cryogenic applications.

Seeking a thermal insulator and a water vapor barrier that is also flame-resistant and light, the Navy selected Solimide foam for development as a submarine hull insulation.

Unlike other materials currently in use, polyimide foam will not contribute to flame spread in a submarine fire, and it produces extremely low levels of smoke and combustion gases in a fire. In addition, at onefifth to one-tenth the weight of currently used materials, the weight saving, and thus performance improvement, is significant.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 4,  Feb 15, 1985

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