Boeing Sells Jetfoil To Canadian Company For Marine Research

Island Research and Development Corporation of Victoria, British Columbia, has ordered a Boeing Marine Systems Jetfoil hydrofoil for use in marine research tasks. The approximate value of the sale is $24 million. Jetfoil is Boeing's trade mark name for its computerized hydrofoil.

The Jetfoil, scheduled for delivery in June this year, will be used for the extension of conventional research into various aspects of oceanography, pollution control, bottom mapping, bottom material classification, and geophysical measurements for IRDC clients. Highspeed acoustic data-gathering techniques will also be pursued for various governmental clients.

The Jetfoil is considered an ideal platform for oceanographic research tasks because of its high speed and ability to operate comfortably in rough water. It features a fully submerged foil, automatic computer control, and waterjet propulsion.

IRDC plans to outfit its Jetfoil with research test equipment following delivery. Operating and maintenance crews for the research vessel will be provided by Island Jetfoil Corporation of Victoria. That company also commences Jetfoil passenger service between Seattle, Victoria, and Vancouver in March this year.

Boeing Jetfoils are operating in commercial passenger service between Hong Kong and Macao, in the Sea of Japan, in the Canary Islands, and across the English Channel.

Boeing has also sold Jetfoils to the Republic of Indonesia for coastal patrol service.

Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 22,  Feb 15, 1985

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