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The Furuno navigators take you where you're going, then lead you home again. Precisely.

Radionavigation has come a long way since Furuno intro- duced its first loran receiver 20 years ago. Since then, we've developed loran C, sat nav, Omega, ADF's and FAX receivers.

Because no nav aid satisfies every need (sat nav is global but provides fixes hourly, loran covers coastal areas only), Furuno has taken the integrated "building block" ap- proach. That is, you can purchase individual loran or sat nav, but just as easily purchase hybrid loran/sat nav or sat nav/Omega systems.

Position display, whether from loran or sat nav,is provided by the Furuno GD-102 electronic displays present posi- tion, courseline and other data on a bright 12"

CRT. Area shown may be from 1.1 to over 10,000 miles2 and grids are shown with digital lat/long readout. Up to 900 plotting points are addressable and 12 dif- ferent event mark symbols displayed. The entire picture can be shifted in any direction. Digital readouts on the CRT show chart scale used and' range/bearing to destination.

Loran C navigation employs the LC-200, a fully automatic receiver designed to exceed all USCG specs. It acquires and tracks master and all secondaries, displaying any two LOP's simultaneously. A memory switch j freezes the display for position recording.

Adding the LC-3000 processor/display unit converts loran TD's to direct lat/long readouts and gives distance & bearing to destination or 9 waypoints, course & speed, date and GMT.

Sat Nav/Omega global positioning is provided by the FSN- 20B. It computes and displays heading/distance to destina- tion and 9 waypoints, last 5 fixes, establishes shortest routes, monitors great circle or rhumb line navigation, alarms if off course, notifies arrival and, with ship's log and gyro inputs,

Write 187 on Reader Service Card continuously computes DR position.

Facsimile and ADF units are also available. FAXes with either 10 or 14" dry aluminized paper don't requireventing and copies are usually sharp and clear. Units operate with various high quality SSB receivers, including Furuno's. e^m^^r—:—rite

Furuno ADF's come in two basic lijP^^L-fLjJlli versions: the FD-171 3-band unit with digital frequency readout, and the

FDK-24 5-band unit with high precision

CRT display. Both provide for additional crystal controlled spot frequencies.

For complete information on Furuno's broad line of Nav

Aids, visit one of our more than 200 authorized dealer outlets, or simply return the coupon below.

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P.O. Box 2343, 271 Harbor Way, South San Francisco, CA 94080

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The illustration above is one in a series of 12 by artist Larry Winborg that • ... are now being offered in three sets of 4 prints each, reproduced in brown sepia tone on 17"x22" heavy white art stock suitable for framing. Order any one or all sets directly from Furuno U.S.A. Just mark your choice below and enclose $5.00 per set for postage and handling. • U.S. Fishing vessels • Work boats of America • American yachts 11

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