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Biospherics Receives

USCG Certification

For 'Oil Sentry'

Biospherics Incorporated, Rock- ville, Md., reported recently that it has received certification from the U.S. Coast Guard for its Oil

Sentry®, oil-in-water monitoring instrument.

Commenting on the announce- ment, Dr. Gilbert V. Levin, presi- dent of Biospherics, said: "This is a big step forward for us.

Through the Underwriters Labo- ratory, which is certified by the

Coast Guard to validate oil-water separation devices and monitors of such systems, we have official confirmation that our Oil Sentry does indeed meet the rigid speci- fications established by the Coast

Guard. (Coast Guard approval number 162.050/9002/0)

The marine model, constructed of stainless steel and monel, is a compact, reliable, accurate, and rugged version of the Biospher- ics' standard, commercial Oil Sen- try. It is specifically designed to withstand shock and vibration and saltwater encountered at sea and on offshore platforms. It also resists solvents and films, and is automatic and self-cleaning. The unit continuously monitors the discharge for oil-water separator systems and directs the waste- water for processing when dis- charge standards would be vio- lated.

The marine version (OSIOOM) being sold to shipbuilders is an on-line automatic monitor using forward light scattering and light transmission in a novel, patented way. The unique geometry of the sensor responds strongly to oil droplets, suppresses interference from suspended solids, and elim- inates other sources of error such as water color, filament intensity changes, and temperature fluctu- ations. The self-cleaning feature employs a continuous wiper ac- tion that prevents deposits, algae growth, rust, or oil build-up. For further information on Biospher- ics "Oil Sentry",

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Maine Company Gets $3.2-Million Navy Award

To Upgrade Cranes

Middlesex Contractor & Rig- gers, Inc., Dracut, Maine, is being awarded a $3,176,000 fixed-price contract for the modernization of four 25-ton portal cranes at the

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard,

Portsmouth, N.H. The Naval Fa- cilities Engineering Command,

Northern Division, was the con- tracting activity. (N62472-80-C- 1463)

Dixilyn-Field Asks

Title XI To Build Two

Rigs Costing $63 Million

Dixilyn-Field Drilling Co., 5005

Riverway, Houston, Texas, a sub- sidiary of Panhandle Eastern Pipe

Line Co., 3000 Bissonnet Street,

Houston, Texas, has applied for a Title XI guarantee to aid in financing the construction of two jackup drilling rigs.

Bethlehem Steel Corporation,

Beaumont Division, Beaumont,

Texas, and Levingston Shipbuild- ing Co., Orange, Texas, each will build one of the vessels. Both rigs are expected to be delivered in 1981, and will operate worldwide.

If approved, the Title XI guar- antee would cover $42 million, or 75 percent of the vessels' $63 million estimated actual cost.

New Color Brochure

Describes Scope Of

Port Of Portland

The Port of Portland, Ore., is offering a new full-color brochure describing its unique marine car- go capabilities and handling ad- vantages.

Subjects covered include oper- ating philosophy, geography, and special services. A full listing of all regional and representative of- fices is shown on the inside back cover.

The "Portfolio Brochure" is available free of charge. For fur- ther information,

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LOADMAX is the quick, easy way to plan optimum load- ing for any type of ship. It rapidly calculates and displays accurate draft, hull strength and stability data for any load- ing condition.

LOADMAX is as simple to use as a desk calculator— tonnage distribution and calculated results are read at a glance — no confusing knobs, thumbwheels or cluttered

CRT displays typical of other loading instruments.

Designed for the particular operating requirements of your ship, LOADMAX combines numeric tonnage displays with an easily understood mimic diagram of the vessel. A separate graphic display shows whether the ship is in hogging or sagging condition and if shear force or bending moment limits are being exceeded. Write for a FREE brochure with detailed information today. Raytheon Ocean Systems

Companv, Westminster Park. Risho Avenue, East Providence,

RI02914 U.S.A. (401) 438-1780

Summary displays

Shear force and bending moment graphic display

Ship mimic diagram and mimic tonnage displays

Shear force and bending moment point "fine" display select buttons


Optional tank capacity table

Draft aft display

Power "on-off' key switch

Carrying handle mock''1''1'"" Shear force and control bending moment switches numeric "fine' • lightship displays • self-test • port condition • run

Shear force and bending moment graphic display- select switch

Draft forward display

Entry- keyboard display-

Simple 19-key

Entry keyboard


Cover function latch keys

Computer printout (optional)

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