Selby, Battersby & Co.'s N e w Flooring C o m b i n e s U n i q u e S a f e t y Features

Safety is the keyword in a new resin flooring, Selbaglo, developed by Selby, Battersby & Co., Philadelphia, Pa., m a n u f a c t u r e r of building and marine products.

Perhaps the most outstanding and newsworthy feature of the Selbaglo is its ability to glow in the dark, allowing people to find their way out of buildings and other structures in the event of a power failure.

Selbaglo, which is trowel-applied and requires no terrazzo grinding equipment, has been carefully designed as a safety-oriented decorative flooring. It has excellent non-slip qualities, is resistant to fire as well as a wide variety of chemicals, and meets the tough p h y s i c a l s t a n d a r d s of Federal Specification MIL-D-3134. Now, its luminescent c h a r a c t e r i s t i c s make Selbaglo one of the most unique flooring systems in the industry.

That's right. Navigation Safety Regulations saythat come June 1, every ship over 10,000 gross tons must have a back-up radar system.

But they don't say you have to buy one.

Not when RCA's new plan gives you such a great deal on a leased radar system. It saves you real money!

You can have optional service maintenance. We have 12 Marine Service Centers ringing the U.S.

—so you get expert service in every port.

Call on RCA forthe equipment, maintenance and financing—a Selbaglo is energized by any light that provides a source of incandescent or ultraviolet rays, such as sunlight or incandescent and fluorescent lamps. When fully energized, a Selbaglo floor will provide as high as eight hours, to a minimum of two hours glow time, which is far beyond what it would take to evacuate a powercrippled building.

The product is especially suitable in areas where safety is a single source for your radar needs. For example, we can install and maintain a Krupp-Atlas radar with basic collision avoidance features for early warning.

And compass repeater for continuous true bearing. And directconnect to interchangeable 25 KW X-band (3 cm) or 30 KW S-band (10 cm) transmitter.

When it comes to leasing navigation and communications equipment, it pays to go with RCA.

Call Carl Pepple at (609) 338- 4152 or use the coupon. Find out about RCA's new lease plan today.

prime concern, such as auditoriums, classrooms, arenas, factories, c o r r i d o r s , stairwells, and those places where human life might be endangered if a power failure occurs.

Selbaglo is also ideal for use on virtually all types of merchant and Naval ships and offshore drilling rigs.

For additional information, write to David Kollock, Selby, Battersby & Co., 5220 Whitby Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 19143.

Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 19,  Dec 15, 1978

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