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John C. O’Malley

Associate Publisher/Editorial Director 1 Aditya Aggarwal is ABS’s Director for Global Gas 5 Tom Ewing is a freelance writer specializing in energy

Gregory R. Trauthwein

Development. and environmental issues. 2 Ted Bailey, Head of Digital Learning, Lloyd’s Mari- 6 Rick Eyerdam is a Miami-based, national award-

Production time Academy. Within his current role as Head of Digi- winning journalist and editor. He is a former editor of

Nicole Ventimiglia tal Learning at Informa plc, Ted leads a team responsi- Florida Shipper Magazine and has served as an adjunct ble for creating and delivering high-value professional professor of communications at Florida International development learning online – either in collaboration University. Eyerdam graduated from Florida State Uni-

Corporate Staff with academic partners or independently through versity with a double major in English Literature and

Vladimir Bibik, IT

Lloyd’s Maritime Academy. Government. His articles have appeared in myriad

Mark O’Malley, Public Relations maritime publications.

Esther Rothenberger, Accounting 3 Llewellyn Bankes-Hughes (Managing Director, Pet- rospot) began his career in the oil industry in 1980 as 7 Tapio Hulkkonen is the Director of Product Manage-


Kathleen Hickey an oil price reporter (Petroleum Argus), working in ment at NAPA Design Solutions. He is responsible for

London and New York. In 1983, he launched the Pet- the development of structural design solutions and rospot Directory, the frst international oil trading con- business at NAPA. His previous experience includes tacts directory of its kind. From 1983 to 1985 he was a 23 years working at shipyards in Finland and now 14

Advertising Sales physical oil broker (Eperon Petroleum and Albion Oil) years at NAPA.

VP Sales in New York and London. In 1985, he became mar-

Rob Howard kets editor of Petroleum Intelligence Weekly, leaving in 8 Teemu Manderbacka is a Senior R&D Engineer at 1988 to launch the real-time oil information services NAPA Shipping Solutions. He has a background in ex-

Tony Stein

OPEC Listener and Oil Market Listener. Over the past perimental hydrodynamics and computational model- 17 years, Llewellyn has worked to raise the profle of ing, and holds a Doctor of Science in Naval Architec- +44 01903 8830 73 the international bunker industry and campaigned for ture. Teemu’s interest is to advance Energy Effciency

Dave Weidner a greater level of education, training and co-operation and Safety by combining naval architecture principles among industry members, creating some of the indus- with statistical methods and big data processing.

+1 603 556 7479 try’s most successful training courses, conferences, magazines and books. He has a degree in Spanish and 9 Barry Parker of bdp1 Consulting Ltd provides stra-

Portuguese from the University of London. tegic and tactical support, including analytics and communications, to businesses across the maritime 4 David Cisneros joined MatthewsDaniel in 2015 with spectrum. The company can be found online at www.

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Maritime Logistics Professional (ISSN ) is ing career started in 1989 as a naval mechanical en- published bi-monthly (6 times per year) by New Wave gineer on different types of offshore support vessels, 10 Scott Poulter is the Executive Director of Pacifc

Media, 118 E. 25th St., 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10010- 1062. Periodicals postage paid at New York, NY and then moving onshore as port engineer and head of Green Technologies. Since 2016, Mr. Poulter has additional mailing offces.

maintenance for Mexican and Chilean companies. He served as Chief Executive of Fresh Air Capital Ltd., a

POSTMASTER: Send all UAA to CFS. NON-POSTAL AND was also senior marine surveyor, ISM/ISPS auditor company engaged in the evaluation and fnancing of

MILITARY FACILITIES send address corrections to Maritime and MLC inspector for a major classifcation society, environmentally focused startup companies with proj-

Logistics Professional 850 Montauk Hwy, #867 Bayport, leading numerous projects and performing safety ects in both Europe and North America. Since 2010,

NY 11705.

inspections and security audits on behalf of Flag Ad- he has also served as the founder and CEO of the Pa-

The publisher assumes no responsibility for any misprints ministrations. David is an accredited CMID inspector, cifc Green Group and more recently the founder and or claims or actions taken by advertisers. The publisher bi-lingual Spanish and English and a member of the Chairman of Fresh Air Investments Limited which is a reserves the right to refuse any advertising. Contents of the publication either in whole or part may not be produced

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