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Energy Ports Oil-Gas-LNG

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Credit: Eagle Credit: Shell ships powered primarily by LNG. It’s amazing the number of Taino. This newly designed terminal is a frst-of-its kind, shore- companies that are lining up to till this fertile ground. to-ship, LNG bunkering facility.

Eagle LNG’s Talleyrand LNG Bunker Station is built with

Take Eagle LNG, for example 500,000 LNG-gallons of storage capacity and with a design ca-

Eagle LNG Partners is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ferus pacity fow rate of 2,700 gallons per minute, suffcient to fuel

Natural Gas Fuels LP. This is a management company privately each of Crowley’s vessels in less than eight hours. The Talley- held by The Energy & Minerals Group, which is the management rand LNG Bunker Station is routinely flled via truck from Eagle company for a series of specialized private equity funds. EMG LNG’s Maxville LNG Facility located in West Jacksonville. The focuses on investing across various facets of the global natural re- Maxville LNG Facility has another 1 million LNG-gallons of source industry including the upstream and midstream segments storage capacity; assuring security of supply for Crowley’s week- of the energy complex. EMG has approximately $16 billion of ly bunkering events.

regulatory assets under management and approximately $11 bil- Sean Lalani, President of Eagle LNG said, “The Talleyrand lion in commitments have been allocated across the energy sector marine bunkering terminal in JAXPORT is capable of providing since inception, its corporate documents state. LNG fuel for the maritime industry while its small two-acre de-

In the United States, Ferus NGF LP is an equal partner in Eagle sign can be easily replicated in other coastal ports.” He added,

LNG Partners, a consortium dedicated to building out LNG infra- “We are proud of our partnerships with Crowley, the Jacksonville structure across the country, and is partnered with GE Ventures community and JAXPORT without whom this cutting-edge bun- in The Last Mile Fueling Solution, a fully-integrated natural gas kering technology could not have come to fruition.” fueling system for oil and gas and other high horsepower opera- Eagle LNG transfers LNG to power Crowley’s ConRo ships tions, often using gas that would have otherwise been fared. Ea- through a Mobile Transfer Unit with ongoing simultaneous op- gle LNG Partners is based in Houston, Texas. erations, including gantry crane operation and container move-

For its part, Eagle LNG Partners is involved in several different ment forward, and RO/RO aft of accommodation. This unique ventures at Jaxport. It’s Maxville Plant has loaded LNG into ISO permanent infrastructure ensures transfer of the highest quality, containers that have long been trucked to the port and shipped coldest liquid fuel, increasing ships’ range and time between ‘fl- by Crowley to Puerto Rico for the pharmaceutical industry, and lups,’ according to company statements. recently to supply the Coca Cola plant. Eagle LNG is also focused on completing its larger LNG export

Eagle LNG’s Marine Fuel Depot – Talleyrand, located on the plant, also to be constructed in Jacksonville, on the St. Johns River

Port of Jacksonville on the Talleyrand Marine Terminal now rou- north of JAXPORT. The new plant will have capacity to produce tinely bunkers LNG onto Crowley’s LNG powered ConRo ships, 1.5 million LNG gallons-per-day with a 12 million-gallon storage

El Coquí and Taino, for U.S. mainland to Puerto Rico container tank, a marine jetty and road tanker-loading bay. It will supply and vehicle trade and shipping. Eagle LNG’s Talleyrand LNG LNG for power generation to the Caribbean Islands plus domestic

Bunker Station at JaxPort began delivering weekly bunker Jan. fuel and power markets, according to company statements 9, 2019 when the facility fueled Crowley’s newest ConRo ship, “Eagle LNG is investing millions of dollars creating small-scale 37


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