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FACING THE MARITIME INDUSTRY ever in history have we had more access to better goods, about 90% of international trade is carried out by sea. Seaborne produced at lower costs, reaching larger swathes of popu- trade has contributed to improved standards of living worldwide,

Nlation, bringing about economic growth and raising well- and disruption of the supply chain provided by ships can have a being. This progress has been possible with the integration of negative impact, from economic loss and increased costs to pro- economies of scale, as well as revolutionary concepts such as liferation of disease and famine in countries that rely on imports. “just-in-time” production. The prevalence of seaborne trade, combined with the increasing

Intermodal transportation, an idea that’s been around since the dependency of maritime systems on newly available technology, second half of last century, has been an important factor, reducing means that cybersecurity plays an increasingly important role in freight costs that enable a more effcient distribution of raw ma- the maritime industry. This importance resonates with insurance, terials necessary for production, and delivery of fnished goods to legal, and risk management professionals, as well as ship owners global markets. If we look around our home, or in the workplace, and operators.

our clothes, shoes, household appliances, computers, furniture, Cyber-risk is defned as any risk of fnancial loss, disruption or car parts, tools, etc. have all spent some time in a container either damage to the reputation of an organization arising from failure at sea, in a railroad or loaded in a truck. of its information, and in the case of ships, of its operational tech-

According to the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) nology systems. Despite this being a hot topic across other indus-

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