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faster responsiveness to customer requests; greater software quality, and automation in the operating environment providing the plat- not only because we test smaller units but because test automation form to implement and integrate with various systems to enhance is built into the process; and ultimately quicker delivery to market. terminal and worker safety.

It is this approach that allows us to deploy several of our of- Examples include collision avoidance systems, seat belt moni- ferings to the cloud currently and will propel us forward toward toring technology, remote crane operations, and safety halos a fully cloud-enabled TOS. The benefts of leveraging the cloud which create operational buffers around people, to name a few. are well-known, and these are the benefts that operators can ex- Additionally, gate automation developments at many facilities pect: multi-tenancy capabilities, vertical and horizontal scalabil- have helped get terminal staff out of dangerous gate lanes and ity based on demand, etc. improved driver safety with the use of mobile phone apps to keep drivers in their cabs. Whether a new terminal or an existing termi-

Terminal Automation is not a ‘one-size-fts-all’ solution. What nal transitioning to a new platform, these are extremely positive aspects of Tideworks’ TOS make it an appropriate choice for safety enhancements and automation is providing the launching operators contemplating automation? pad for this continuous improvement in the terminal environment.

We have worked with a number of terminal operators to assess how automation fts within their current operations. Because auto- One thing that TOS systems seem to strive for is providing a mation is not a one-size-fts-all solution, it is important for terminal unifed access platform to previously ‘siloed data’ streams. operators to take a tailored approach when evaluating automation Would you agree?

solutions. We help customers understand what solution(s) will best Yes, it is benefcial for terminal operators to manage and track accommodate their terminal’s size, location and general needs be- their data in a unifed way. Operating various siloed technologies fore selecting a solution. Sometimes full-scale automation is not and systems that manage aspects of operations separately can cre- the answer. Because we are independent, we also try to give cus- ate discrepancies in data, limit an operator’s and customer’s abil- tomers the freedom of choice, rather than prescribing only certain ity to access real-time, accurate and consistent information and automation technologies and providers that work with our TOS. can negatively impact operational effciency.

Our solutions, whether deployed in manual or automated envi- Terminal operators need seamless integration and communica- ronments, help terminal operators manage and access data faster, tion capabilities with third-party systems such as auto data cap- therefore increasing the control over their operations. With our ture technologies, position detection systems, gate solutions, and

TOS solutions, operators can easily gain complete visibility and even human resource and accounting systems to provide full vis- autonomy to manage real-time decision-making of every asset. ibility and a more streamlined operation. This is precisely why

Often, when people think about automation, they fear having less Tideworks has developed and taken to market its unifed data control of their operations. With our solutions, we help ensure platform, Tideworks Insight. With Tideworks Insight, terminal operators have better, more comprehensive control of their opera- operators not only get access to historical and real-time TOS data, tions from a holistic standpoint while also improving effciency. they can also incorporate other, third-party data sets to secure a

Our newest TOS rollout, Mainsail 10 that we are launching this 360-degree view of their operations and their business.

fall, is built on a Rich Internet Application (RIA) development platform that is scalable and fexible in its ability to support to- The old saying goes something like, “If you’ve seen one port, day’s increasingly integrated terminal technology ecosystem. This you’ve seen one port.” Terminals come in all shapes and siz- enables operators to deploy automation and improve integrations es, too. Hence, Terminal Operating Systems must adjust for between other solutions, thus allowing them to access the data they that reality. Would you agree?

need when they need it, increase terminal effciency and ultimately Yes, we would agree. Terminal operators have unique needs and handle additional throughput without investing in more equipment therefore cannot rely on one-size-fts-all solutions. It’s imperative or resources. It also enables operators to easily provide customers that terminal operators take an intentional, personalized approach and partners with visibility to streamline communication. when selecting a TOS technology to address their specifc needs.

On the other hand, the onus is also on TOS providers to stay

The march towards terminal automation is as much driven ahead of trends and their customers’ changing requirements to of- by safety as it is for operational effciencies. For TOS pro- fer effective solutions that continue meeting their needs. At Tide- viders, that’s meant navigating the interface between the works, we understand this and have made it a priority to provide existing TOS, and the automation that typically follows. Tell the next generation TOS, fully recognizing that it isn’t a stopping us about how that happens; both in a new terminal, and an point, rather a continuous improvement and evolution of our solu- existing one that is contemplating upgrades. tions to include the latest technologies available. We offer a suite

You’re correct. One of the most important outcomes of auto- of products and partner with our customers to make sure they are mation in the terminal environment is providing safer working operating with the best solutions to succeed in a dynamic, highly conditions. Over the past several years, we’ve seen digitalization competitive environment. 17


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