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Our solutions, whether deployed in manual or automated environments, help terminal operators manage and access data faster, therefore increasing the control over their operations. With our TOS solutions, operators can easily gain complete visibility and autonomy to manage real- time decision-making of every asset.

– Harvey Bauer, Director of Marketing and Contracts, at Tideworks Technology sure to facilitate faster system updates and reduce IT overhead, Tideworks says cloud-based TOS can increase effciency of more technology vendors are developing cloud-based solutions as container movement, fexibility in processes and planning and they offer additional fexibility, scalability and reduce costs when the ability to scale operations for future growth. Tell us how.

compared to traditional on-premise solutions. Additionally, a First, without getting too technical, we need to talk about the ar- cloud-based solution is normally associated with a “subscription” chitecture of the software that enables its deployment in the cloud commercial model, which is signifcant break from the conven- and to reap the benefts therein. Traditional TOS architecture, in- tional licensing and ongoing maintenance and support paradigm. corporating decades of customer requests for more and richer func-

A subscription provides the terminal operator with a well-known tionality, has led to very complex and monolithic systems. As a

TCO and enables the operator to spread out their technology costs leader in this space, Tideworks is breaking down these monoliths over time under an OPEX rather than CAPEX model. into more manageable “microservices,” which in turn enables much 16 Maritime Logistics Professional September/October 2019 | |

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