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The View from

Tideworks arvey Bauer, Director of trative functions of specialized container terminals in Manzanillo,

Marketing and Contracts, the largest container terminal in Mexico. This month, within the

Hat Tideworks Technol- pages of Maritime Logistics Professional magazine, he expands ogy, has been with Tideworks on the evolution of the now ubiquitous Terminal Operating Sys- for more than 16 years, manag- tem (TOS), and Tideworks’ leadership role in that journey.

ing marketing and business de- velopment opportunities for the Let’s talk about the evolution of TOS: give us the 10,000’ multinational company. Harvey view of when TOS first began, and Tideworks’ place in has extensive experience work- that development?

ing in the logistics, supply chain The notion of effciently managing and coordinating the move- and technology industries. Prior ment of containers at a terminal is not a new one. However, the to joining Tideworks, Harvey adoption of more modern TOS solutions to effectively manage was the general manager at SSA terminal operations has become more common in the past 20

Mexico where he oversaw opera- years due to the increased effciency and productivity made pos- tional, commercial and adminis- sible by newer technologies. Tideworks was launched in 1999 af- 14 Maritime Logistics Professional September/October 2019 | |

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