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(Image: Valeport) fastCTD Pro? ler.

integral ? uorometer based on Valeport’s new Hyperion range, an optional Blue- tooth communications module and the miniCTD Fast Pro? ler offers a unique and versatile package.

Also new is the SWiFT SVP, designed from the outset with the intention of a seamless work? ow, the SWiFT SVP has integral GPS to geo-locate every pro? le.

Saab Seaeye displayed a number of vehicles at its stand

With a rechargeable battery endurance of up to a week and easy charging via

USB, the SWiFT SVP is intended for coastal, harbor and inland hydrographic survey, aimed in particular at the shal- low water market (0-100 meters). This sensors to reach a high degree of preci- tems said. When wave frequency is er- new compact unit features high ac- sion - 0.008° in roll and pitch in real- ratic or in case of long period swell, the curacy SV, pressure and temperature, time – while delivering a robust and ac- delayed heave feature can save the day plus integral GPS, rechargeable battery, curate heading thanks to the continuous by allowing survey in rough conditions.

LED status indications for GPS, battery fusion of GNSS and IMU data. Made of This algorithm allows a more extensive and communications. Data can be eas- titanium, Apogee-M and Apogee-U are calculation, resulting in a heave accurate ily and quickly downloaded, reviewed suited to mount close to the sonar head to 2 centimeters displayed in real-time and translated to common SVP formats for hydrographic tasks from shallow to with a little delay.

wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart using the deep water. Apogee sensors can be paired with

SWiFT APP on iOS devices where data

The Apogee provides a real-time any type of survey-grade GNSS receiver can be instantly shared via FTP, email heave accurate to 5 centimeters, which or by the one offered by SBG Systems. and cloud services. Valeport’s standard automatically detects the wave frequen- The SplitBox GNSS integrates the lat-

DataLog X2 software for PC use will cy and constantly adjusts to it, SBG Sys- est tri-frequency GNSS receiver to of- also support SWiFT. fer several positioning features such as

RTK, Marinestar, OmniSTAR, Veripos

SBG Systems launched a new

SBG Systems Launches New Inertial and TerraStar corrections. inertial sensor system.


Con? guration is made easy through-

SBG Systems has added two new in- out the intuitive embedded web inter- ertial sensors to its MEMS technology face where all parameters can be quick- based Apogee product line: a Motion ly displayed and adjusted. The new 3D

Reference Unit (MRU) Apogee-M and

View helps users check the mechanical an Inertial Navigation System Apogee- installation, especially sensor and anten-

U – both made of titanium with a depth nas position, alignments and lever arms. rating of 200 meters.

Users can then connect the Apogee to

According to its developer, Apogee in- the main hydrographic software thanks tegrates the latest generation of MEMS to available drivers.

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