Dolphin Sea View 2D Sonar

Posted by Irina Tabakina

A new 2D sonar that provides high frequency real time imagery has been developed for use on the smallest AUVs and ROVs by Marine Electronics Ltd. The Dolphin Sea View offers a 720 kHz operating frequency which gives it a range setting availability from 100m down to 0.2m. It also provides AUV designers with an Ethernet over power option that enables connectivity to be established using just a two core cable. With a sonar head measuring 228mm x 130mm x 70mm the Dolphin Sea View is designed to provide real-time continuous scanning at 30 frames per second over a 120 degree field of view. The unit includes a nine-axis MEMS motion sensor which supports a composite array of 192 beams. This has a vertical band width of 20 degrees and it consumes less than 15 watts of power. The entire unit has an in-water weight of 1.5 kg and is depth rated to 500m as standard with a 3000m option available for deep water operations.

(As published in the MAY 2015 edition of Marine Technology Reporter -

Marine Technology Magazine, page 53,  May 2015

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