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HYDROCOMP, INC. the industry’s gold-standard tool for Speed/Power Prediction, marine-loading capabilities servicing the marine, rail, drill-

Operational Energy Analysis, and Propulsion System Sizing. ing, mining, trucking, power generation, aerospace and in-

HydroComp’s ? agship product NavCad, and now PropEle- dustrial markets. ments, provides ship operators and their designers world- JAX LNG completed construction of Phase I in late wide, with tools to determine their carbon footprint, identify 2018 and has been in operation ever since. An expansion fuel-ef? cient systems, and in the mitigation of underwater of JAX LNG (Phase II) is currently underway. Once com- radiated noise. HydroComp Propeller Tools; PropCad and pleted, Phase ll will double the LNG storage capacity and

PropExpert, offer commercial systems for propeller design triple liquefaction at the facility located at Dames Point for manufacture and propeller application sizing. near Jacksonville.

HydroComp continues to evolve with the needs of the JAX LNG recently completed the ? rst fueling of a ma- maritime community. Through its broad range of techni- rine vessel in the United States with a blend of LNG and cal services to companies large and small, coupled with a renewable LNG (RLNG). The blend was loaded into the progressive internal research and design program, the com- Clean Jacksonville bunker barge to fuel the Isla Bella, the pany is able to offer technical services that are at the cut- world’s ? rst LNG-powered containership put into ser- ting edge of contemporary knowledge and expertise. Hy- vice by TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico in 2015. Element droComp is often called upon for assistance with inland Markets supplied the renewable natural gas (RNG) used river craft and pushboats, and due to this increased need, to produce the RLNG via renewable thermal certi? cates it has further developed its products and services to spe- (RTCs). Using RLNG to fuel marine vessels is a readily ci? cally address hull form optimization, determining bow available pathway to net-zero emissions by 2050. RLNG’s wave height and underwater hull clearance. emissions pro? le as a maritime fuel is superior even to that of LNG, which already reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 25% over ultra-low sulfur diesel.

Decarbonization of the transport sector has greatly ac-


JAX LNG is North America’s ? rst small-scale coastal celerated through the use of regulatory incentives such as lique? ed natural gas (LNG) facility, located along the St. the alternative fuel tax credit, which encourages companies

Johns River in Jacksonville, Fla., with both on-road and to adjust operations and make investments in assets that 72 | MN October 2021

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