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Wynn Marine Pantograph

Heavy Duty Window Wipers

Wynn Marine Pantograph window wipers are the ultimate solution for applications where complex window shapes need to be wiped effectively and economically. The wipers can be applied to anything from large commercial vessels to small and military vessels on land and at sea.

Pantograph wipers are available in a range of sizes from 2Nm of torque up to 110Nm with a wide variety of control systems and switch options. In addition, they can be supplied with heated arms and spray-jets. (225) 644-7063

Shipboard Approved

Marine Furnishings age. FMSNA as “the propulsion plant integrator” takes full for discernable tastes… responsibility for the performance of the machinery and will be a single “go to” entity for all propulsion system de- tails. The company does it all: engineer, integrate, source, purchase, install, test, and deliver to satis? ed clients all over the world. FMSNA has service centers located within close proximity to important naval bases in Norfolk, Va.;

Mayport, Fla.; Manama, Bahrain and Sasebo, Japan.


HydroComp, Inc. in Durham, N.H. was established in s

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