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EQUIPMENT ogy offers signi? cant bene? ts with regard to occupational safety as well. In some cases, it can mean that ? rewatch

W&O SUPPLY personnel are no longer required to supervise hot work, while extensive preliminary work, platforms and scaffold- ing can also be eliminated. And if a connection acciden- tally remains unpressed, there is no risk of any problems.

In systems with the Viega SC-Contur, the unpressed con- nection is guaranteed to be found during the tightness test, regardless of whether water, compressed air or inert gases are involved – and in any pressure range.

Viega MegaPrss CuNi and ProPress recently became the ? rst press ? ttings to be approved by Naval Sea Systems

Command for use on Navy combat ships.

Walker Engineering


Walker Engineering Enterprises (Walker AIRSEP) is a leading manufacturer of diesel engine crankcase fumes disposal systems and high-performance air ? lters and intake silencers, supplying OEM engine manufacturers, and US Navy with high quality CCV and air ? ltration products since 1989, often included as standard fac- tory equipment. The ? rm offers a wide range of CCV

AIRSEP systems for any size diesel engine for propul- sion, gensets or auxiliary engines, and specializes in high performance air ? ltration systems for commercial transport, military, government and ? shing vessels. New systems for large displacement engines are available, in- cluding the only production manufactured CCV system rated for 5,000 horsepower. network from Jacksonville, Fla. The network includes 12 locations in the U.S., two in Canada, and one each in the

Netherlands and Singapore. With steady growth over the years, W&O has expanded its products and territories and

W&O Supply

For over 45 years, W&O has been a top source for is now one of the world’s largest suppliers of valves, au- tomated valves, pipes, ? ttings, engineered products and valves, automated valves, pipes, ? ttings, engineered prod- automation to both the marine and upstream oil and gas ucts and automation with over $60 million in stock world- industries. W&O is a go-to solutions provider in all seg- wide. Over the years, W&O has broadened its offerings ments, including commercial shipping, ? shing, cruise to include value-added engineering solutions including ac- and ferry lines, barge owners, upstream oil and natural- tuation expertise and assembly, consultancy, and project- gas rigs, and shipyards that build and repair vessels of all management organization.

Founded in 1975, W&O operates its global branch sizes as well as the U.S. Navy, Military Sealift Command,

MARAD, U.S. Coast Guard. MN 67|

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