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Navy contractors , mega yachts and offshore oil drillers.

In addition to its main headquarters, DMW has a

DMW 50,000-square-foot facility in Houston, complete with sand blasting, paint booth, welding and machine shop.


IPD offers quality and reliable engine overhaul repair parts. Since 1955 IPD has manufactured and distributed a comprehensive line of heavy-duty engine repair compo- nent, including pistons, liners, piston rings, bearings, gas- ket sets, installation parts, bushings, camshafts, connecting rods, valvetrain components, oil and water and oil pumps.

IPD parts are thoroughly re-engineered from OE parts to ensure that the highest-level speci? cations are developed and maintained. IPD is known for carrying engine re- placement parts for Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel and Waukesha applications.

In the last year IPD began offering cryo-treated head

IPD bolt kits for Caterpillar’s C15 and C3500 engines. Add- ing cryo bolts to the head bolt kit results in longer bolt life with less internal stress and optimized tensile strength.

Cryogenic heat treatment is a precisely engineered process of taking materials down to approximately -310 degrees F, keeping them at that temperature in liquid nitrogen to re- move residual stresses, and then ramping temperature back to room temperature, followed by a mild heat treatment process. These bolts are made and cryo-treated in the U.S.

RSC Bio Solutions

As a leader in green technology, RSC Bio Solutions’ ad- vanced performance products have provided the shallow draft market with better solutions for over 20 years of ? eld tested, proven use. The company offers best-in-class lubri- cants, greases, cleaners and degreasers with environmental compliance without compromise. Its lubricants offer ex- treme protection against water and the elements and deliv- er long term lubricating stability, resulting in more uptime and reduced operating costs so operators and contractors can focus on getting the job done.

RSC Bio Solutions is a portfolio company of Blumen-

RSC BIO thal Holdings and a global leader in sustainable technol-

SOLUTIONS ogy for marine and industrial markets with four decades of 64 | MN October 2021

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