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CARVER PUMP and commitment to American manufacturing, has been

Appleton Marine recognized since its inception as one of the leading cen-

An employee-owned company for over 30 years, Apple- trifugal pump companies, building to the most demand- ton Marine, Inc. designs and manufactures a wide range ing engineering speci? cations and military standards in the of custom marine offshore and shipboard products and world. Carver Pump has been part of every major U.S. specializes in integrating this equipment with ship sys-

Navy program since World War II.

tems. Not only does Appleton supply cranes, winches,

The ? rm’s is addressing the most challenging performance windlasses, capstans, hose reels, and other special systems, requirements using advanced design tools: the latest solid they are experts in combining the gear into a cost-effective modeling software for analyzing structural problems, and turnkey solution. The company provides handling solu- exceptional hydraulic design capabilities. It has re? ned its tions for commercial/military shipbuilding, offshore oil, expertise by delivering tens of thousands of pumps into a and many other market segments. It offers the advantage wide variety of applications, routinely developing new prod- of being a single-source supplier for all the customer’s deck ucts for very speci? c usage, such as its tank-mounted 855 machinery needs including cranes, winches, hydraulic Series and new naval ship systems, for example. Many of power units, etc., reducing the customer’s total owner-

Carver’s standard products can be highly customized for spe- ship cost during equipment start-up/commissioning, and ci? c OEM applications, such as parts-washing systems and later if a spare part or service is required. Appleton Marine boiler/heat-exchanger cleaning systems. Whether the chal- also offers build-to-print services and has extensive experi- lenge is pump ef? ciency, dif? cult suction conditions or ex- ence working on projects for the U.S. Government. Re- treme environments, Carver Pump will engineer a solution cent build-to-print equipment includes UNREP gear for to meet user goals for reliability, quality and performance.

several U.S. and foreign Navy programs and Slewing Arm

Davits (SLADs) for the U.S. Navy.


C-HERO innovates man overboard recovery products,

Carver Pump designed by a tugboat captain, speci? cally for the tugboat

Carver Pump is headquartered in Muscatine, Iowa, industry. Its system allows for an underway one-person re- where its pumps are engineered and manufactured. The covery of a helpless person from the water. The company’s company, now under third-generation family ownership president, Shane Smith, was born into the tugboat busi- 62 | MN October 2021

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