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COMMS, CONTROLS & ELECTRONICS recognized leader in maritime satellite marine grade exterior and navigation The company’s electronic chart sys- communications, Intellian is the trust- LED lights for inland and offshore ves- tem (ECS) is its primary product, engi- ed provider of worldwide connectivity sels are designed to endure constant neered to improve operational ef? cien- solutions for VSAT, L-band terminals vibration, large temperature variances cy, situational awareness and decision and satellite TV systems, using state- and the corrosive marine environment. making with straightforward, unclut- of-the-art RF antenna technology. Phoenix’s LED lighting reduces costly tered displays and controls that pro-

With the launch of its compact range, maintenance and improves safety for vide instant access to the information

Intellian is accelerating the availability the maritime industry. professional mariners and ? eet opera- of fast, reliable communications for Phoenix recently introduced the tors need to navigate safely. Rose Point everyone. Building on the success of its SturdiSignal Series of LED navigation ECS is an industry-leading navigation ? rst compact VSAT, the v60E, Intel- lights that are modular and are manu- software and the number one selling lian launched the v45C in April 2021. factured in the U.S. The design allows navigation software for inland vessels

The v45C leverages the latest develop- for tool-less repair in minutes, to elimi- in the United States, according to the ments in antenna and satellite tech- nate costly maintenance and reduce company. And Rose Point Navigation nologies to deliver outstanding VSAT overall vessel operation costs. With Systems has a close working relation- connectivity with a space-saving 45cm a spare LED module kept onboard, ship with USCG, USACE and NOAA, re? ector, housed in a compact dome. a vessel can always remain safe and

Of key value is the v45C’s modem- compliant with COLREGS, ABS and agnostic operation, freeing users from UL1104. The lights feature a double permanent service contracts. Teamed head autonomous option that automat- with superb RF performance, the ically alternates LED heads to double antenna delivers global, high-speed the lifespan of a light and will switch data and voice communications in a to an alternate head if one fails/falls be- space-ef? cient, cost-effective manner. low required visibility. The series can

The v45C has been shown to deliver replace existing navigation lights or be optimal results on High Throughput speci? ed into the design of a new vessel (HTS) and widebeam Ku-band net- along with an alarm panel that provides works, which for customers means re- additional information and warnings.

liable, fast connectivity, ? t for today’s data-intensive online activity.

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Phoenix Lighting has a rich his- Rose Point Navigation Systems was tory dating back over 127 years in the founded in 2003 by an ex-Microsoft city of Milwaukee. Since 1892, it has software development manager with thrived in a number of different indus- a passion for boating and creating tries, and today is a trusted authority software, and today the Redmond, for tugboats, workboats, ferries, dredg- Wash.-based company is a leading es, military service vessels, research ves- provider of reliable, easy-to-use navi- sels and barges that need reliable, sus- gation solutions for professional mari- tainable lighting. Its American-made, ners and recreational boaters. MN 59|

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