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representing a monumental step in the U.S. maritime in-

All American Marine dustry’s transition to a sustainable future. The ferry was

All American Marine got its start more than 30 years ago developed to demonstrate a pathway to commercialization specializing in the construction of aluminum ? shing vessels for zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell marine technologies. used from California to Alaska. But the Paci? c Northwest The completed ferry will exhibit the viability of this zero- boatbuilder adapted to changing markets in the ’90s, and carbon ship propulsion technology for the commercial and today it is a builder of custom-tailored aluminum high- regulatory communities. speed passenger boats, hybrid vessels, dinner cruise boats, patrol and research vessels. In 2017, AAM relocated to a new state-of-the-art facility in Bellingham, Wash., where all

Conrad Shipyard of its vessels are built in a 57,000 sq. ft. production facility adjacent to Bellingham Bay. The production shop contains Conrad Industries, Inc., established in 1948 and head- seven overhead bridge cranes, a brake press, shear, CNC quartered in Morgan City, La., designs, builds and over- router cutter and a laser-leveled construction platform. hauls tugboats, ferries, liftboats, barges, offshore supply

AAM has exclusive North American building rights vessels and other steel and aluminum products for both with one of the world’s top naval architects and design- the commercial and government markets. The company ers, Nic de Waal of Teknicraft Design, in Auckland, New provides both repair and new construction services at its

Zealand. The unique Teknicraft design incorporates the ? ve modern and expansive shipyards located in southern use of a cutting-edge hull shape and an optional hydrofoil Louisiana and Texas.

system in catamarans to create lift and enhance vessel per- With an experienced workforce and computerized manu- formance. Unique design characteristics ensure high-speed facturing equipment; multi-disciplined engineers; and a travel, ultra-low wake, industry-leading fuel ef? ciency, and management team focused on customer satisfaction, Con- all fully customizable depending on the application. rad Shipyard is well positioned to provide cost-effective so-

All American Marine recently launched Sea Change, a lutions to complex shipbuilding challenges. The company’s 70-foot, 75-passenger zero-emissions, hydrogen fuel cell- portfolio includes a wide range of vessels built for commer- powered ferry that will operate in the California Bay Area. cial customers and for the U.S. government, having delivered

This will be the ? rst hydrogen fuel cell vessel in the U.S., more than 1,100 vessels and fabrication products to date. MN 23|

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