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As an employee-owned ? rm with of? ces in Seattle, seagoing tugs, shallow draft towing vessels and ? reboats for

Wash. and Providence, R.I., Glosten continually seeks out major world ports.

projects that excite and challenge its team. Glosten’s staff Robert Allan Ltd. has extensive in-house computational represent a wide variety of engineering disciplines, and ? uid dynamics (CFD) expertise in performing detailed many of their team members are licensed professional engi- hydrodynamic performance simulations utilizing a power- neers with hands-on shipyard or seagoing experience. The ful and continually upgraded high performance computer ? rm specializes in vessel design and modi? cation, marine cluster. This capability enables the ? rm to deliver quick operations and logistics, marine offshore structures, ves- and accurate solutions at a lower cost than model tanks or sel procurement consulting, technology development, and external consultants. This in-house capability also allows marine infrastructure. Glosten welcomes complex, unique for highly ef? cient design optimization.

projects that demand creative solutions, and has cultivated Earlier this year, Robert Allan Ltd. introduced a trio a portfolio that spans every sector of the industry. of battery-electric, zero-emissions 70 t BP ElectRA 2800

As new technologies emerge, Glosten ? nds ways to harbor tugs for HaiSea Marine’s tug ? eet. With clean hy- harness their capabilities in order to enhance their work. droelectric power available from the local grid, these tugs’

Not only do they use state-of-the-art 3D design software, generous battery capacity of up to 6,102 kWh will allow they were the ? rst naval architecture ? rm to utilize laser scanning to support retro? ts and construction projects.

In addition, Glosten has their own VR and AR equip- ment and are developing in-house tools that will usher in a new era of design.

Glosten has been at the forefront of the decarbonization movement in the U.S., paving the way for hybrid, all-elec- tric, and alternative energy propulsion systems. Glosten’s work on the hybridization of the Jumbo Mark II class of vessels in the Washington State Ferries (WSF) ? eet is cur- rently underway. The ? rm was hired by Siemens Energy to provide the preliminary and contract design integration of the propulsion controls and hybrid system. The ? rst ferry in line for conversion is expected to enter the shipyard this year. The vessel will be able to rely on battery-electric pow- er for the duration of its route, enabling zero-emissions operation. Once the hybridization of the Jumbo Mark II class is complete, they will be among the largest and most powerful battery-hybrid vessels in the U.S.

Robert Allan Ltd.

Robert Allan Ltd. is Canada’s most senior consulting naval architecture and marine engineering ? rm, ? rst estab- lished in Vancouver, B.C. in 1930, with an international reputation for innovative designs of a wide range of vessels for service in the marine transportation industry. In par- ticular, it has earned a reputation as a leader in harbor and MN 19|

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