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The Seattle-based team of naval architects, engineers, designers and analysts offer extensive engineering and production support for the marine industry. EBDG’s de- sign and engineering capabilities are complemented by extensive analytical services, hands-on experience in vessel operation, and thorough working knowledge of shipyard

MORGAN FANBERG, construction practices. EBDG’s team of designers and engineers utilize the latest, state-of-the-art analysis tools

GLOSTEN such as ? nite element analysis (FEA) and computational ? uid dynamics (CFD) to help customers resolve dif? cult problems. The group has also fully leveraged 3D scanning to support services like hull scanning, interior layout, and piping systems modi? cations.

The company is actively involved in multiple eco- friendly vessel designs and hybrid feasibility studies, and its designs incorporate all forms of fuel-ef? cient hybrid power and alternative propulsion options. By providing owners, operators and shipyards across the country naval architec- ture, marine engineering and production support services that result in the design and construction of cleaner ships,

EBDG aims to help make a greener maritime future a real- ity. For example, EBDG is involved in the conversion of the Jumbo Mark II ferries to hybrid technology for Wash- ington State Ferries, and it was awarded to design a new diesel-electric pax/vehicle ferry for Texas DOT. EBDG is also designing a 164’ double-ended pax/vehicle ferry for

Casco Bay Lines that will target energy optimization with a desire to run all-electric under most circumstances, as well as a 184’ double-ended pax/vehicle ferry for What- com County that will operate as a diesel mechanical / bat- tery hybrid.


Glosten has served the marine industry for over 60 years, offering naval architecture and marine engineering services throughout the U.S. and abroad. Since its founding in 1958, the full-service naval architecture and marine engi- neering ? rm has set out to “do more than design”, with

MICHAEL S. engineering capabilities that extend to a variety of vessels and marine structures, including research vessels, ferries,

FITZPATRICK, tugs, barges, ? oating bridges, offshore installations, and


special-purpose platforms.

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